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B2B E-Commerce with QR Codes: Just Scan to Order.

QR Code Based Shopping Cart Solution for B2B E-commerce

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B2B Mobile E-Commerce Solution

Make it easy to re-order and you get more business. Optimize ordering process, help customers avoid ordering errors, supplies' shortages and expedited shipping charges - and you get a loyal customer. You will also streamline your own workflow, avoid lulls followed by rush orders, and losses due to order errors.

Using QRwave mobile application an authorized employee can place restocking order by simply scanning QR code on the box, item or packaging with a smartphone. Employee does not have to be in front of the computer, know the correct vendor, or look for the correct item in the online shopping cart system - one scan of QR code will send an order to the supplier (you).

QRwave can also be configured to route order to the office where it will be submitted to the supplier by authorized personnel. For your large customers we can create a web dashboard where authorized staff can see current inventory from your company, updated automatically by QR code scanning.

B2C Ordering

If you sell consumables, such as food & drinks, vitamins & dietary supplements, cosmetics, office supplies, contact lenses, or anything else that people purchase regularly, QRwave will significantly increase the odds of customer re-ordering from you rather than searching for a similar product from your competition.

The fact that customer just needs to scan QR code on the packaging to re-order the item (or order supplies for an item) can make a difference between ordering or postponing the order until the customer has more time / can get to the computer. Scanning and ordering on the spot decreases the possibiilty of customer shopping around on your competitor's web site or simply forgetting your business name and googling only to find your competition.

IMPORTANT! If you are selling through a third party (e.g. Amazon, e-Bay, etc.) QRwave gives you a chance to sell to the same customer directly after the first order, and get in contact with the customer through your application. If all the customer needs to do is scan QR code to re-order, he or she will likely do this rather than go online and search for the same item again.

Internal Inventory Control

QR Inventory is a mobile inventory management solution that branched out of QRwave, and now got a life of its own and became even more popular than its parent. It is a modern, lightweight yet powerful inventory management solution for small and medium-size business. With QR Inventory you always get accurate and timely inventory information - levels, status, location - that you can access anywhere on the mobile device(s) of your choice.

No matter how many employees in your organization are handling the inventory, anyone can immediately record any inventory changes by just scanning QR code or regular barcode using android or iPhone. No proprietary hardware is required: the scanners (smartphones) are always in your employees' pockets.


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