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QR Codes

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Restocking Orders with QR Codes: Just Scan to Order.

Mobile QR Codes Based Shopping Cart Software For B2B Ecommerce

Using QRwave customer can place an order by simply scanning QR code (or regular barcode) on the item.
Make re-ordering from you easy for your clients. Eliminate costly and frustrating mistakes. Encourage repeat orders.
Automate Ordering.
Simplify and speed-up order processing, from placement to fulfillment to accounts receivable.
Eliminate Ordering Errors.
Minimize costly manual paperwork and eliminate risk of errors and delays.
Improve Customer Satisfaction.
Real-time order visibility, faster delivery. Completely automated order processing.
Proper Inventory on Hand.
Help customer eliminate inventory guesswork and stock-outs, and you will have less unexpected rush orders and returns.

Streamline Restocking Orders With QR Codes

Introduce new level of speed, precision and convenience for your customers. QRwave helps wholesale distributors and manufacturers process and fulfill more orders, faster, with no errors and at less expense.

QRwave is fully-scalable application that will match your needs and growth. You can add advanced custom features to your implementation as your demands grow.

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